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Joanna Tedeschi Headshot ABOUT Inner Uni

Seventeen years ago, I was robbed at gunpoint and my sister died by suicide in the space of two weeks. Traumatized and suffering, I tried many different types of therapy.


Each attempt was excruciating and whilst I made some progress, the deep sense of guilt, shame, and grief would not shift from my heavy heart.


Eventually, I gave up. I thought I was too broken to be healed. Damage control was the best I could hope for. Making it through the exhausting everyday battle to survive. Struggling for the rest of my life against the dark stains on my consciousness. 

Then one day, during a group therapy session, my psychologist asked for volunteers to try this “weird voodoo”  - a new kind of therapy called the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM). Cynical but curious, I put up my hand. This simple decision changed my life and later inspired me to become a psychologist. 

If you are like me, your bullshit detector goes off when you hear “hero stories” that turn the complicated process of healing into a neat little story.


So let me be clear. The journey is messy, with many twists and turns. Lots of falling down and getting back up again. Good days and bad days. It takes a lot to get out of a dark place. There is no one size fits all solution for everyone. 

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The biggest obstacle to healing is that there are always parts of you who feel conflicted about it. You want to stop suffering, yet that pain is actually protecting you from a deeper, more profound pain. The truth of your life.

Every human instinct tells you to avoid stepping into what happened, what didn’t happen that should’ve happened… the intolerable, soul-searing pain that created the need to unconsciously protect yourself with all these symptoms and self-destructive behaviours our culture calls “mental illness.”

You know those things you really, really don’t want to think about or acknowledge? The dark, creeping things hanging around at the edge of your awareness? Yep. That’s the work.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The parts of you who don’t want to go there will make all kinds of clever efforts to avoid healing. Protection is their job and they are very GOOD at what they do. 

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Sometimes your personal obstacles can make it seem as if your suffering will never end. Just for a moment, I invite you to suspend your disbelief and consider that it may be possible to stop living in survival mode. To let go of the burdens you carry that aren’t your fault, but are now your responsibility to deal with.


Everything you need is already inside you. But it helps to have a warrior therapist who is cunning, ruthless, patient, and sweet enough to guide ALL parts of you through the fire.

I believe that no matter how stuck and hopeless you are feeling, there is something inside you that brought you here. A natural instinct to seek answers. To find meaning and purpose. 

If you’re ready to explore your inner universe, we can work together to clear the shit that weighs you down.






Trauma related issues such as PTSD and dissociation








  • Clinical Psychologist

  • Master of Psychology (MPsych)

  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) Hons

  • Graduate Diploma (Psychology)

  • Bachelor of Science (Pathology & Lab Medicine)


  • Emotion Focused Therapy Level 1

  • Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) Basic, Advanced, Generational, Dissociative Disorders, Core Self, Children/Adolescents

  • BLAST Technique® Basic & Advanced

  • Interoception Curriculum  (Kelly Mahler)

  • NEDC Eating Disorders Training for Mental Health Professionals

  • NICABM Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma

  • Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention

  • Mental Health First Aid

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